Air quality testing for your house


ICmulticoncept offers comprehensive analyzes and tests of your home’s air so that you and your loved ones, children, families and friends can enjoy maximum health in a healthy environment, especially after isolation Decontamination, or even simply of interior renovation.

We perform air tests for asbestos particles in the air and detect vermiculite in the attic. When asbestos is removed from asbestos in plaster, we perform a number of screening tests to determine whether the material contains asbestos and its concentration. We also do crops and analyzes of frotti for mold samples, so we know the concentration.

Our air tests are carried out specifically for residential use, with a certified technologist, to analyze the environment proper to a condo, a house, an apartment, a cottage, etc. It is by following a proven methodology that we are able to provide a practical assessment, with transparent recommendations to improve concretely the quality of your air. Our accredited technologist will provide a clear inventory and will immediately notify you if the situation is problematic in your home to correct the cause.


Health Issues Related to Air Quality in Your Home


The most common symptoms of low air quality are nasal congestion, trouble breathing, severe throat or eye irritation. If you are hypersensitive, you may have other reactions to chemicals, pollutants or even cleaners, which could affect your health. In the event that these symptoms reduce when you leave your home and you are outdoors or in your garden for example, it certainly means that you should carry out air tests at home.

Do you have a doctor’s prescription for your analysis of ambient and surface air quality? So you could receive tax deductions for the work we do at home.


Check stain and mold on walls


  • You may observe tasks on the interior walls of your home, which are actually caused by a simple accumulation of dirt or dust. Microscopic observation is necessary to determine whether it is primarily an inert substance or harmful fungus.
  • In the case of tasks in your home (bottom of wall, behind furniture, window frame, bathroom, etc.), we help you to know what type of mold is involved, and thus contamination on The air you breathe.

Molds: often close to the scent of moisture, soil, smell of basement, etc. This type of odor typically translates into fungal contamination and air tests must be performed.
hemical: whether it be mothball, formaldehyde (smell of nine), smoke, cigarette, etc. This type of odor is a completely different type of contamination and our technologist is present to tell you what action to take to clean the air you breathe in your homeÀ
Air quality tests can be undertaken if work on your home has been done after a disaster (eg, water infiltration, drainage, fire, pipe breakage, etc.). Testing your air quality for the purchase or belly of your home, to evaluate various parameters to check if the indoor environment presents risks of contamination. Keep in mind that such molds are not always visible and sometimes result from hidden defect.

Have you recently carried out insulation, asbestos decontamination and vermiculite work in your home? Are you going to buy or sell your house soon? Perform an air quality test with our team without delay.