Written by Black Cat


If molds have developed inside the walls, either at the back of the gypsum board (gyproc), on the insulation or even on the wood of the structure, we proceed to the removal of the contaminated materials.



This can happen in any type of residence, and for any type of materials. Most decontamination operations involve mold, asbestos and vermiculite. In all cases, these contaminations pose a greater or lesser risk to the health of the occupants of the contaminated dwelling.

Asbestos, vermiculite and mold should be treated as priority health topics, not building, maintenance or construction issues.

We certify graduates in decontamination are a reliable choice to decontaminate your residence or business premises. Occupants are therefore safe, healthy in a healthy environment.


Oui, je veux recevoir  les six points importants qui m’aideront

à analyser l’état de l’isolation de ma maison.


Yes, I want to receive my 6 important points which will help

me to analyze the state of the insulation of my house.

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