Removal and decontamination of asbestos enlevement_amiante

Insulation and cover Multi-Concept Inc.., We are specialized in removal and encapsulation of asbestos-containing materials. We work on any type of project, whether it's the removal of asbestos from a wall or the complete decontamination of a building. For this, We use state of the art equipment and respect all the standards in force, established by the CSST and Health Canada. We take all precautions to ensure the protection of workers and occupants face the high toxicity of asbestos.

Our experts are available to advise you and provide you the solutions to your needs of removal and decontamination of asbestos. Ask us your questions, We will be happy to assist you.

Why remove and remediate asbestos?

Asbestos is dangerous, because it consists of a highly toxic mineral material, who is at the origin of asbestosis, pulmonary disease that gene respiration and several forms of cancers. Composed of millions of microscopic fibers not identifiable with the naked eye, asbestos can be easily inhaled and then represents a real risk to health. It is now the second leading cause of occupational diseases and the leading cause of work-related deaths (excluding accidents).

What does asbestos? Why is it everywhere?

Asbestos refers to minerals to fibrous texture whose use was widespread before 1990 in the industry. The six mineral species that together this term had in effect of thermal insulation performance properties, acoustic insulation, in electrical insulation, in ignifugation (resistance to heat and fire), resistance to chemicals and water absorption. Beyond its technical qualities, its rapid adoption by manufacturers is also explained by the malleability and ease of working that asbestos was in the insulation work. Friable form, It was possible to integrate it in the manufacture of sheets, of groups, mastics or plates cardboard, woven or braided. Non-friable form, you could find it in the manufacture of cement or binders such as glues, paintings, mortars, or road asphalt.

If your House or your building was built before the 1990, It is strongly recommended to inspect your construction by specialists for a possible presence of asbestos. Thanks to our State of the art equipment, we detect if there is asbestos and we proceed to his removal of your construction as well as its evacuation and its elimination.

When we intervene, We take all precautions to ensure the safety of workers and occupants. We respect and beyond the standards established for the decontamination of asbestos.