Blasting with dry ice or cryogenic blasting


The sand blasting with dry ice or cryogenic sandblasting is probably the healthiest and safest cleaning method which can exist. It uses small pieces of ice (pellets) and solid CO2 (carbon dioxide) accelerated and projected onto the soiled surface to clean, without causing damage or secondary residue.

Unlike other methods of industrial cleaning :

  • Dry ice blasting is economic because taking care of tools, machines and structures, It acts as a preventive maintenance and reduces repair costs related to premature wear. It thus prolongs the life of the equipment, reduced labour costs and those of the elimination of waste.
  • Dry ice cleaning improves productivity because it greatly reduces the time spent cleaning and possible interruptions of production.
  • Dry ice cleaning is very effective and this, instantly. It gets better with more traditional cleaning methods and is able to clean equipment that seemed until then impossible to restore.
  • Dry ice blasting is healthy because it uses no chemicals or toxic solvents. It produces no emissions, or secondary waste, often contaminated, requiring disposal, since dry ice evaporates at room temperature. Therefore, No wonder that dry ice cleaning is considered a very eco-friendly process.
  • Dry ice blasting is safe as it reduces to the maximum the abrasive effect and is not conductive of electricity, what allows it to be easily used on electrical machines, without even waiting for it to cool.

Cleaning with dry ice can easily be used for multiple purposes :

  • Agricultural cleaning
  • Agri-food cleaning
  • Cleaning after disaster
  • Cleaning buildings
  • Cleaning wood
  • Cleaning heating
  • Cleaning air conditioning
  • Environmental cleanup
  • Cleaning tar
  • Industrial cleaning
  • Cleaning machines and disassembled parts
  • Cleaning walls and ceilings
  • Cleaning historic restoration (statues, monuments …)
  • Cleaning floors (floors...)
  • Cleaning structures
  • Cleaning piping
  • Urban cleaning
  • Cleaning ventilation

Possible uses are many and varied.

Cryogenics or blasting with dry ice cleaning will provide amazing results on the restoration and cleaning of your goods. Its implementation and its effectiveness are part of our way of working. We have a strong expertise on this cleaning method and we will advise you on how this technique can help you. Contact us to discuss together your needs and offer you the best solution.