Written by Black Cat

Flat roofs

epdm_01Flat Roofs are more durable and more pleasant than roofs made of asphalt and gravel, sometimes less resistant and whose odor impedes all master roofers. Is the traditional bitumen-gravel disappearing in favor of other options that are more durable and equally simple to set up?

The ICMulticoncept team can put both asphalt and elastomeric coverings on the surface, knowing that the cost difference between them is relatively small (depending on the surface).

The elastomeric membrane offers a choice of better quality, less putrescible and more durable over the long term than the traditional options offered by bitumen-gravel.

The elastomeric membrane is composed of two layers, one visible covered with granules, and one of felt, which are stuck at the time of laying. To be better protected, make sure that he holds subcategory 7.0 of the license of the Régie du bâtiment du Québec or that he is a member of the Association of Master Roofers of Quebec


Oui, je veux recevoir  les six points importants qui m’aideront

à analyser l’état de l’isolation de ma maison.


Yes, I want to receive my 6 important points which will help

me to analyze the state of the insulation of my house.

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