Insulation installation Laval & Montreal


The installation of quality insulation, particularly in Quebec, requires experts and saves time and money over the long term. Several advantages are obvious, and others more subtle.

Cold floors in the winter will paralyze your feet? Mold rot your walls or roof? The heating bills are too large? Do not hesitate to contact us immediately if you experience any of the above mentioned problems.

We offer you a totally free estimate, and possible solutions for your isolation problem. We work with you quickly, with constant quality of service.

IC Multiconcept helps you in all steps of installing your insulation, depending on your type of residence. We guide you in choosing the insulation, installing and laying the material, in order to make your home more pleasant to live.

We have been working for more than 20 years on sprayed polyurethane insulation, or Type 2 urethane sprayed, and cellulose or blown wool.



Polyurethane sprayed for:

  • Foundation walls in Montreal and Laval
  • Cathedral ceiling in Montreal and Laval
  • Basement in Montreal and LavalBelt of the house in Montreal and Laval
  • Interior walls in Montreal and Laval
  • Exterior walls in Montreal and Laval
  • Cold ceiling and flat roof in Montreal and Laval
  • Cathedral ceiling in Montreal and Laval