Polyurethane spray for homes in Montreal and Laval

Sprayed polyurethane, or alternatively known as polyurethane foam, is the most efficient material in terms of thermal insulation. It consists of a mixture of recycled plastic bottles, soybean oil and water. This spray polyurethane foam is particularly appreciated for its adhesion qualities on all supports, its capacity to fill the voids and its flotation properties. Its characteristics thus give it a versatile role: it can serve both as an air barrier, as insulation, as a vapor barrier and as a contribution to the longevity of walls and structures.

In addition to being the most complete insulation material, sprayed polyurethane is the most energy-efficient insulation:

  • It is very durable
  • It has a high thermal insulation value
  • It prevents permanent air infiltration
  • Resistant to extreme temperatures
  • It is waterproof
  • Resistant to moisture and mold
  • It does not affect the ozone layer



urethane-3 urethane-2

Urethane, under conservatory               Urethane on gravel, front concrete

Why choose sprayed polyurethane? The guarantee of quality

Our work respects the quality standard imposed by the Canadian Council of Building Materials (CCMC), which verifies the quality of the polyurethane and its application. We offer a minimum two-year warranty that can be supplemented by an additional CMAC guarantee of up to $ 25,000 per project with approved materials.

  • Polyurethane sprayed, energy efficient!
  • Choosing the sprayed polyurethane is also a gesture for the planet!
  • Our certified experts can be involved in all your polyurethane insulation projects and all types of residential, industrial, commercial and institutional constructions. We apply this insulation particularly:
  • We manufacture this product on site to reduce factory waste and the cost of transportation.

Example of spraying polyurethane spray under a screed

We always begin our work by effectively protecting the working environment: floor, walls, window frames, glazing … Once the environment is protected, we begin the projection with a first layer of hook and the creation of a peripheral bench . The application is very fast, it takes only a few seconds before you can walk on the foam. We then apply a second layer, crossed with the first layer (application with a modified sense that completes the lower layer). We then make a grabbing of the levels and a marking of the points to the level desired by crosses. For low points, we perform additional projection. After leveling the low points, we perform a sanding of the foam in order to have a perfectly flat surface while recovering the level crosses. Once the sanding is complete, we proceed to the sweeping and removal of the protections.