Fireproofing - fire protection


Fireproofing is to protect materials and structures against fire, through the application of a flame retardant product. This flame retardant properties will enable delay, limit or control the combustion of materials. The objective is to survive as long as possible structures in extreme heat and fire, in order to allow a possible evacuation of the safest places and reduce the damage caused by the fire. It is a type of popular protection in the city of Laval, Montréal, or more widely the north shore and South.

Among the structures and the more vulnerable elements of a building or a House, wooden structures, steel ones and those containing materials plastic, especially flammable are the structures to protect priority.

Depending on the materials to protect, We will use various flame retardants that adapt best to the different structures. There are a lot of flame retardants products on the market; the most used are alumina, phosphorus products, the phosphate products, polyvinyl chloride. It is possible to also protect the buildings against fire with flame-retardant coatings, such as painting, the varnish or the cellulose wadding, and some plasters.

The objective is to survive as long as possible structures in extreme heat and fire

Flame retardants that we use:


This innovative product provides effective resistance to fire per unit thickness. This induces that we need less amount of this product to obtain very good results. The Cafco 300 therefore represents a cost-effective solution to go beyond the requirements of the safety standards of IBC (international Building Code) and NBC (National building code) or NBC (National Building Code of Canada). This product is ideal for steel structures, ceilings, columns, joists and walls, What makes it particularly suited to commercial construction projects.


This average density at Portland cement-based product is particularly suited to provide an effective fire protection for important steel structures, as for example beams, the joists, joists, soil or structures of terraces on rooftop in commercial buildings. This product goes beyond the requirements 430 psf (20.6 kpa) for high-rise construction.


This ecological product, manufactured Portland cement-based, high-density, offers superior resistance to fire for steel and concrete structures in commercial construction projects. It is very resistant to weather the most difficult conditions that may know construction sites, especially on periods extended. It also provides a good thermal and acoustic insulation. Cafco Blaze - Shield II is particularly recommended for outdoor use, effectiveness of application, its economic cost and its long durability.


This coating fire retardant, made from Portland cement, is designed to be used on plastic foams, polyurethane and polystyrene. By creating a thermal barrier, Monokote Z-3306 ensures protection against heat and fire. Its application is easy, Since it takes the water to use it directly and can be the subject of a single application, Depending on the thickness Select. This product meets the standards of compliance for Codes and insurance companies.

The products we work with also act as thermal insulators. When installed under a roof, they reduce heat loss. You therefore need less material to isolate, you thus save on the insulation of the roof when you perform these two work simultaneously.

We work on all types of construction : House, residential buildings, commercial or industrial facilities. Free consult our experts to assess your needs and offer you the best advice and services for your safety.