Make big savings with the insulation in your home and your residential construction.

Thermal insulation is designed to reduce the transfer of heat between two environments, the inside and outside in the case of thermal insulation of a residential installation. In winter, It will be be sure to keep the heat inside the House so that in summer, It will seek to refresh accommodation. If your home is poorly insulated, the heat you produce the winter will be continually dispersed while you will have problems to keep it fresh summer.

If the winter, you are constantly trying to heat your home and that you realize that the heat is not distributed evenly, It is a sign of poor insulation. Same observation, If in summer, the air in your home is too hot and you have the impression that your air conditioner is ineffective.

By consuming more energy that you will need, poor insulation has direct consequences on your heating and cooling bills. We can help you lower your energy bills and make you make big savings.

Saving on insulation in Montreal and Laval ?

Whether it is the construction of a new house or remodeling, effectively isolate his or her home is an investment in the long term. Not only you will save money on your energy costs, but you will also increase your comfort, the service life of the materials and structures which make your home. Well to isolate your dwelling limit also the formation of mould and condensation.

Energy and natural resources of Quebec has shown in a diagram heat losses due to poor insulation or a bad seal, with the example of a House 30 years.

PubFb-Ecohabitation460pxThis diagram gives us a good idea of the areas on which should be the most attention on their isolation.
You may be tempted to make yourself the insulation in your home, What is an often considered idea. However, the savings you thought to realize could quickly turn into budget exceeded in case of errors. Good insulation requires :

  • expertise in material : use the best material depending on the area to isolate and the type of coupling. Used for the attic insulation may not be appropriate for a basement for example.

  • expertise in application : the success of isolation is largely on its installation. Improper installation will render totally ineffective desired insulation.

With insulation and cover Multi-Concept, you get more expertise 35 years in residential insulation. Our experts use materials that are sustainable, which plug air leaks, that are resistant to heat and humidity and which are applied uniformly.

You can even take advantage of the insulation work planned to strengthen your Soundproofing or theinsulation of sounds in your home. When we give a point set on your situation, We will advise and make the best solution for your needs. We are happy to describe you all the steps of our intervention so that you are comfortable in the use of our services. Contact us, our experts will be happy to assist you.