maison_constructionPlan ahead : now anticipate growth of mold in your home, your commercial or industrial facility treating the most exposed surfaces. Provident will allow you to benefit from improved air quality, to avoid possible respiratory infections and save on disposal of mold work if zones are already infected. Insulation and cover Multi-Concept, we offer a guarantee 25 years our mold prevention work. With guaranteed results, you ensure tranquility for a long time !

The best way to control mold is to prevent it from forming. To achieve effective mold prevention, we must initially understand how it develops.

How is shaped mold ?

Mold forms in a wet environment, hot and poorly ventilated. For example in a house, There are many sources of humidity : we can mention among others the bathroom with shower, kitchen with cooking, washer, dryer, the warmth of a room that condenses or a roof that leaks. otherwise, if you suffer water damage, it also constitutes a source of moisture, it is important to clean and dry while all areas, Materials and articles in contact with water in the 24 48h.

At all times, must maintain a moisture level of between 30 and 50%. You can measure this rate with a hygrometer, you will find in any hardware store, at prices ranging from 10 to 60$, depending on the quality and desired measurement device. In addition to limiting the development of molds, master humidity will allow you to save heating costs and limit the proliferation of mites.

If some moisture sources can be directly plugged, like a leaky roof, others will require better ventilation (bathroom, kitchen...). Open windows for example is a good deed, it is important to do it regularly, but will not be sufficient in some cases, since the induced airflow can cause the humidity to other rooms. If you have a ventilation system, make sure it is properly adjusted and ensure its regular maintenance.

Despite all the precautions taken in your habits and lifestyles that will limit risk, it is possible that moisture source, that would not have detected, poor ventilation and allow the development of mold in your home. To avoid the inconvenience associated with the presence of fungi, we offer to act at all levels of your home or commercial facility, either inside or interior.

At each level (subsoil, ground floor, floor, between roof and exterior), we conduct an initial inspection, suction high efficiency filter (HEPA) to eliminate dead materials and materials that retain moisture, applying an antimicrobial and antifungal treatment as well as a sealant Postapplication inspection.

Our Services Quality

We respect all the standards established by Health Canada and the Commission for Health and Safety at Work. Need information on preventing mold and know our modalities of intervention? Call us ! We will be happy to help you and bring you the solution you need.