image_degat_eau_2With more than 35 years of experience, we offer you our know-how in disaster recovery. Having a disaster is already a tough test, let us help you with the rest!

As a result of a disaster, your first reflex is to contact your insurance company and discuss with them the repayment terms and services you will need. Disaster recovery is often included in insurance contracts. Our qualified experts will advise you and guarantee you a fast and effective intervention on the north shore, south shore, from Laval to Montreal.

The most important factor in this kind of situation is the speed of intervention: the sooner you contact us, the more effective our intervention will be. We are available 24 hours a day to accompany you and intervene immediately in case of emergency.

Whether you suffer a disaster caused by water, oil, fire, smell, mold, vandalism or smoke, we have the experience, the experts and the equipment necessary to resolve your prejudice. Regardless of the extent of the disaster, we make every effort to minimize the damage. At the end of our intervention, we proceed to the decontamination of the structures, the neutralization of odors and the cleaning of the air.

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Here are the types of claims we deal with:

  • Damage due to water damage

When water damage occurs, whether it is a water leak or a flood, our intervention follows a well-established procedure that guarantees the best results: We first proceed to the suction of water, the drying out Of the building and dehumidification. In a second step, we will restore your equipment by cleaning it by cryogenics. We also clean your carpets and upholstered furniture. We then carry out a complete analysis of the affected area: we evaluate the level of moisture absorbed and apply the necessary actions to avoid the appearance of molds and fungi. Our treatment takes into account the duration of exposure of your home to water. We use state-of-the-art equipment during our interventions, such as thermographic cameras that allow us to detect immediately where water is present.

  • Sinister following a fire

Regardless of the extent of the damage caused by the fire, we rehabilitate your home or your commercial and industrial construction. We clean the soot deposited on the walls, as well as the parts affected by the fires. We use hydroxyl as a replacement for ozone for the same efficiency but, unlike, is not harmful and does not oblige to evacuate the occupants.

  • Loss due to mold growth

We perform microbial decontamination of your home by cleaning mold, removing moisture sources and analyzing air quality at the end of our operation.

  • For more information, see: Mold
  • Damage due to vandalism

Whatever part of your home or commercial or industrial space has been affected, we offer you a high-pressure cleaning and washing service, including the removal of graffiti. If your home has been damaged, we make every effort to repair and restore your property.