Formation and causes of mold; Why removing ?

isolation MontrealThe term mold is a non-scientific generic term that refers to the development of fungi based on the deterioration and alteration of organic compounds. In reality, there are thousands of species of mold, which vary according to the organisms that make it up and the environments in which they proliferate. In Canada, for example, more than 270 species have been analyzed indoors and indoor molds may differ from those that grow outside. However we keep the generic term to simplify the explanation of the phenomenon in construction, associating molds with microscopic fungi. We establish diagnostics and corrections for your home in Laval and Montreal.

Molds develop in hot, humid and poorly ventilated areas. As an example, a bathroom is the ideal place, as is the roof. Mushrooms especially appreciate the condensation that can occur in a room, because it is an environment that favors their development. It is necessary to ensure a good aeration of the zones at risk and to control the presence of moisture.



Our work in stages:

  1. Decontamination with an industrial product to remove mold.
    After 45 minutes, our team does the same thing by spraying with the gun, but they apply an anti-mold to prevent mold. (An encapsulant).
    At the end of the work, a qualified company is sent for an air test to approve our decontamination work. This technique is excellent not only for the mold of the attic but also for all the molds found in a house, in order to know their concentration rate.
    Test rubbing in order to analyze the sample to know that it kind of mold is present and its concentration.



What are the health risks?

The house is where we spend the most time, it is important to find a very healthy air quality. Molds can quickly compromise this balance and can cause health problems, allergies, diseases and lung infections. Common problems include runny nose and regular colds, aggravated asthma attacks, and eye, throat and nose irritation. It should be noted that the appearance of these symptoms is not always related to the presence of molds, but that it is necessary to consider this factor. Precautions should be reinforced if your home includes infants, pregnant women, elderly people, people with respiratory problems or people with a weakened immune system.

Why Mold Removal in Laval and Montreal?

Besides health problems, molds also cause structural problems to your construction. They particularly affect wooden structures, which are very popular in Canada, to the point of causing them to rot. If the material of these structures decomposes, the buildings become weakened over time and can undergo severe deterioration or even subsidence. It is therefore necessary to regularly check the presence of fungi. Removal of contaminated material is the only option.

How to detect the presence of molds?

Molds develop in a damp environment: these are the areas most likely to contain moisture (eg bathroom, roof, kitchen …) that will need to be checked first. The presence of mold is often detected by a nauseating odor, a musty smell or dirt. This odor comes from Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) that are produced when molds develop. However, depending on the type of mold, this odor is not always perceptible. The color of the molds will also vary depending on the type of mold: if the most frequently encountered mold is black, it can also appear as red, purple, white, orange, yellow or blue spots.

Why call for a specialist for mold removal?

  • You noticed the high presence of moisture in you?
    Have you ever noticed mold in your home over a large area?
    The mold that you have already cleaned comes back quickly?
    A member of your family has respiratory problems that worsen when it is at home?
    Or you just want to check the status of your facility to protect your family?

Call us!

At Isolation and Multi Concept Coverage, we guarantee a healthy air quality in your home after your mold removal work. With more than 35 years of experience, all our experts are certified and receive continuous training for concrete results. Work will be done in a safe, efficient and respectful manner. We inspect the premises scrupulously, carry out analyzes before advising you and put in place the best solution for an effective microbial decontamination. We adhere to all Health Canada’s current health and safety standards and response protocols established by the Canadian Construction Association.

Do not let the mold rot your life and contact us! We can help you.