Vermiculite4image_6141Each year, MULTI-CONCEPT INSULATION AND COVERING Inc. carries out several dozens of vermiculite removal contaminated with asbestos. Our team always proceeds in the same way for a quality control:

The protection of the walls,
Ceilings and floors
Establishment of work containment areas under negative pressure in order to prevent dust from reaching the living areas of the building. Removal is the only option to maintain a healthy environment.

After cleaning the contaminated area, air tests are carried out to ensure the quality of the cleaning. Our decontaminated residences, houses and commercial premises, from the north shore to the south shore, Montreal and Laval, so that you find a healthy and comfortable living space. Mineral formed by hydration of certain basaltic minerals, vermiculite is often associated with asbestos.

  1. The roof is opened to enter the attic. Our method is simple, since we go through the roof, and therefore it is impossible to contaminate the indoor air of a house. We offer you our roofing expertise and can go through the roof.
  2. We siphon the vermiculite with a blower that brings the vermiculite into a sealed bag and then into a container that follows the rules of CNESST.
  3. When all the vermiculite is removed, an adhesive is applied in the eaves to glued the fiber residue into the air.
  4. Step of re-isolation. 2 inches of sprayed polyurethane is applied to the floor in the eaves as a vapor cut, which is a very important factor in insulation
  5. Thereafter, a cardboard box is manufactured around the door of the eaves to prevent the cellulose from falling into the house. Styrovents or cardboards are installed in the eaves to prevent cellulose from blocking soffits. Soffits is the air intake that rents in the eaves.
  6.  To conclude the re-isolation, 10 inches of blown cellulose are added throughout the roof to achieve the insulation factor R40. For R50, put 12 inches of blown cellulose. At the end of the works, our equipment insulates the hatch with polyurethane sprayed to make the door of the attic waterproof.
  7. At the end of the works, we have an external company do an air test to approve our work, and this one will give our customers a report of the results.
  8. A certificate of asbestos removal will be given to you at the end of the work.