What is thermal camera inspection?

Inspection of a residential or commercial property, prior to its acquisition, is crucial in order to benefit from it in all tranquility. Most professionals working in the disaster area, building inspectors or inspectors, are equipped with the equipment necessary to verify mold, loss of energy and excessive moisture content, as well as vermiculite or The problems of electrical overheating.

Secure your property with a thermographic inspection!

We review each sensitive and important location of your home, or building, with our thermal camera. We thus detect, if there are any – any problem of energy loss, or mold, without causing any damage to the building. This saves you a lot of time and money by making sure your home is sanitized at every place where an intervention is needed. Nothing is omitted – we take care of everything!

If you live in the Montreal, Laval, South Shore or Montreal North Shore areas, these problems are frequent. Inquire and inspect your property before you have to shell out more money.