Roof experts in Montreal North Shore, South shore and Laval

Insulation and multi-concept openings Inc.. is a roofing company in Laval , Montréal, South Shore and North Shore that specializes in asphalt shingle roofing and other types of commercial and residential roofs on the north shore and south shore of Montreal.

We offer a superior customer service . Our installation team roofing shingles and other is able to work smoothly and efficiently to achieve your timely roofing project.

We cumulate more than 30 years of experience in roof coverings of all kinds, and insulation in Laval and Montreal

Our Team in Laval, , Montréal, South Shore and North Shore evaluates the roof of your home and provides you with recommendations and alternatives that exist for your type of roof. Insulation and multi-concept openings Inc.. fourniras a written estimate detailing what will be done and the materials to be used for the repair or replacement of your roof shingles or other on the North Shore and South Shore of Montreal.

Asphalt shingles Laval & Montréal


Our Master Roofers specialized installation of asphalt shingles roofs offer a professional service in Laval and Montreal.

Our installers guarantee manpower up 15 years. Discover our guarantees.

Membranes roofing Laval & Montréal


This type of roofing has the same advantages as roofing asphalt and gravel, but offers better durability, due to a superior seal. The membranes have several advantages. White roofs provide a significant reduction of heat absorbed because they reflect the sun rays.

These types of materials are elastomeric membrane, TPOs, and EPDM roofing. Preferred membranes of the people of Montreal and Laval.

Gravel Roofing Laval & Montréal


A very popular coating for flat roofs or low slope,resisting to cold extreme conditions, provides excellent durability, that varies between 20 and 25 years. This is a material popular with owners on the South Shore of Montreal.

The principle is simple – the membrane layers and asphalts provide strength and sealing peerless . The gravel serves to reflect solar radiation, which is harmful to the asphalt.