Roofing shingles Montreal & Laval

Roofs are often a cause of general problem for insulation and ice in homes and properties in Quebec, which is renowned for the harsh winters.
The roof, if it does not have adequate ventilation to its first regularly see an ice formation related to condensation and freezing temperatures. Particularly in the area of Laval and Montreal, extreme temperatures in summer and winter need to put quality coverage.
Indeed, , the gutter fills with water that may overflow and seep under the shingles. This infiltration can freeze in turn during the winter, and increase the infiltration of cold into your home.

air circulation is crucial for the maintenance and longevity of your roof shingles in Laval and Montreal.

Choosing materials for ventilation :

It is therefore crucial to allow a clearance of air in the roof. Indeed, , this circulation will prevent other important issues in the future roof, for your residence in Laval or Montreal. Violent temperature differences need to choose their materials carefully and care, according to your needs and weather conditions. At all times, ventilation must be optimal to allow an effective air circulation :
The wool mat should not touch the edge of the roof, but leave enough air circulation and drainage in roof fans. An overview of the materials we use :



A laminated asphalt shingles and felt create from fiberglass. It's durable and proven to the worst weather conditions, offering good protection against high winds.

Everest 42

another laminated asphalt shingle also creates fiberglass felt and covered with a granular surface. We are talking : lifetime warranty, and very good protection against strong winds.

Mystique 42

Another shingle laminated asphalt offering almost the same benefits as its predecessors.



A three-tab shingle glass, demonstrating durability with difficult and extreme conditions. A bulging and chiseled design gives it great flexibility that will go perfectly with your property and its dominant colors.


A stratified three-legged that fully protects the home while increasing its beauty and outdoor. a high quality product that will provide a beautiful outdoor rendering final, and completely protect your house against strong winds with a special installation.



Architectural shingles, because it embellishes every time your home, adding a classy classic style. These shingles in a wide variety of colors allow you to enhance a contemporary style unique and discreet manner. Several style poses are also available to fit your home :

Classic style that suits all homes
Contemporary style with a pose suitable for your modern home
Wide selection of colors

IKO-Roofing-Shingle IKO-Roofing-Shingles-Cambridge-AgedRedwood-Sw-200x108 IKO-Roofing-Shingles-Cambridge-CharcoalGrey-Sw-200x108 IKO-Roofing-Shingles-Cambridge-AgedRedwood-Sw-200x108
IKO-Roofing-Shingles-Cambridge-Driftwood-Sw-200x108 IKO-Roofing-Shingles-Cambridge-DualBlack-Sw-200x108 IKO-Roofing-Shingles-Cambridge-DualGrey-Sw-200x108 IKO-Roofing-Shingles-Cambridge-DualBrown-Sw-200x108
IKO-Roofing-Shingles-Cambridge-EarthtoneCedar-Sw-200x108 IKO-Roofing-Shingles-Cambridge-HarvardSlate-Sw-200x108 IKO-Roofing-Shingles-Cambridge-NationalBlue-Sw-200x108 IKO-Roofing-Shingles-Cambridge-PatriotSlate-Sw-200x108
IKO-Roofing-Shingles-Cambridge-RivieraRed-Sw-200x108 IKO-Roofing-Shingles-Cambridge-VintageGreen-Sw-200x108 IKO-Roofing-Shingles-Cambridge-Weatherwood-Sw-200x108

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