EPDM roofing in Montreal and Laval

In Montreal or in the city of Laval and throughout the South Shore, the EPDM membrane roofs represent a wise investment. EPDM roofing have several advantages for owners in Quebec, especially in Laval or Montreal. The climatic conditions there are particularly intense, rain and wind conditions often contribute to early deterioration of your coverage.

The water gutters can possibly overflow and leak into the roofing material, and during major cooling, this may be a major cause of cold infiltration, which will increase your heating bills quickly.

EPDM roofing have a relatively long life cycle with an average of 50 years. These types of covers are more resistant to water and rot, thus providing you with excellent protection against infiltration. The EPDM membrane is a smart choice for homeowners who want good protection, with limited risk and environmental costs.

Low ecological footprint of EPDM membrane

That's enough to satisfy people sensitive to the environment, since EPDM roofs provide excellent outcomes for green roof projects. More, its long lifetime compared to other types of roofing shingles, represents a small ecological footprint. A particularly popular choice among lovers of ecology and and 'green' urban achievements .

Disadvantage, or main setback of this type of membrane remains its price.

Maintaining a membrane roof

There are of course some maintenance to do on its membrane roof, just as with any other type of roof. Each spring and fall, if you live in Montreal or Laval, we recommend to inspect, visually, your roof to spend the warmer seasons or cold safely.

It is possible that you spot cracks, or other breakage : therefore communicate with your team to carry out repairs as soon as possible, before any worsening of your membrane roof.

When a crack appears on the surface of the roofing membrane, in the city of Montreal or Laval, it is important to proceed quickly to a qualified repair, so that damage does not take more importance.

Posing a membrane roof

Laying the roofing membrane must be performed, welded and glued by a professional. You will gain in longevity ! To retain all the benefits of a EPDM waterproof, you must perform a particular pose, welded, glued. Similarly to the TPO roofs, EPDM roofs require expert system set-up, operated by specialists such as the team of IC MultiConcept.

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