Roofing asphalt and gravel in Montreal and Laval

Roofing asphalt and gravel are particularly durable and resistant because proceeds with a coating of several layers of materials. This is a very wise choice in extreme cold regions and sudden temperature changes, such as is found in Montreal and Laval.

Used for the longest time, this type of multilayer coating has a life span of about 15 years. Composed of several layers of felt paper loaded asphalt which the last is covered with gravel, the asphalt and gravel roof requires maintenance. According to experts, the homeowners roof with asphalt and gravel are not maintenance suffisement. For this reason, the average life duration of this treatment is shorter. These are often neglected small defects that cause problems prematurely causing complete roof replacement.

  • The advantages of a roofing asphalt and gravel
    The undeniable advantage of this method is its low cost. It is possible to perform some minor repairs to offer a few extra years, by adding gravel to targeted locations.
  • The disadvantages of a roofing membrane asphalt and gravel
    If a multilayer coating is not installed, Roof might suffer serious complications. This type of roofing requires a lot of maintenance. Its lifetime may be as short as 10 years when it is not well maintained, especially in Montreal and Laval.

The first source of degradation of asphalt and gravel roof is due to its exposure to sunlight

  • The maintenance of a roofing asphalt and gravel
    Proper maintenance, correct and regular, will keep your roof gravel or asphalt roof for longer life. To take advantage of your roof or roofing asphalt and gravel, you must protect against the sun's rays. The primary cause of degradation of a roofing asphalt and gravel is caused by sunlight exposure. Indeed, , Heat dries out the oils from the asphalt and could make them more brittle.
    It was at this time that the first cracks and crevices can appear, and must be treated. The climate of Laval and Montreal requires exceptional rigor for the maintenance of its roof.
  • The installation of a roofing asphalt and gravel
    The technique of installing a roofing with asphalt and gravel clearly requires the presence of experts . Several characteristics are needed, caused by the high temperature of the asphalt, atmospheric conditions, the extended asphalt thickness. Most elements of the process of laying an asphalt roof must be carried out by professionals, at each stage of the installation .

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