An investment for your roof

The elastomer diaphragm is a modified bitumen which is used in waterproofing of roofs. Thanks to its qualities of sealing, It tends more and more to replace the roofs which were previously covered by gravel and tar. In Canada, the elastomer membrane is now used in most of 50% flat roofs, whether it is residential roofing, roofs of industrial buildings or roofs of commercial buildings. Its increased use is explained by its longevity, minimal maintenance and a more uniform than the membranes of asphalt quality.

The elastomer diaphragm is made of two layers : a basal membrane (felt) and a membrane of finish. Superior membrane is covered with coloured ceramic granules, Superior membrane is covered with coloured ceramic granules. These membranes will then be heated to form a single coating. Tinted granules to choose the color that you want to (Green, Blue, Beige, Brown...). However, We recommend that you opt for a pale color that will further reflect the Sun's rays, reduce overheating of the elastomer membrane and thus prolong the life of the recovery of the roof.

The life expectancy of the elastomer diaphragm is located around twenty years, but proper installation and regular check-ups can extend it up to 35 years. We thus offer a fall visit to ensure maintenance of the roof and its life expectancy.

The installation of an elastomeric membrane

The elastomer membrane remains a coating of choice for architects, who particularly appreciate its excellent resistance qualities, sealing and its possible installation in all weathers, also well during the heat of summer when most capricious conditions in autumn.

If the elastomer diaphragm is slightly more expensive that the membrane asphalt, It nevertheless represents a better investment thanks to its longevity, up to two times higher than for asphalt.

The installation of an elastomer on a roof membrane requires the use of experienced professionals. Indeed, , during the installation, the two layers which constitute the elastomer diaphragm will have to be heated with torch to merge. Still,, There is a real risk of fire within hours of installation, because heat remains concentrated some time in the material after the merger. In addition, In addition to the risk of fire, the use of torches or torch is especially dangerous. There are also new techniques for installing cold, but they require special knowledge that only professionals are empowered to implement.

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We shall take all necessary precautions to ensure the safety of the installation. We guarantee the results of our work. Take into account that a good installation increases the life expectancy of your roof. We respect all the standards in force and have the certifications from the Régie du bâtiment du Québec as well as of theAssociation of master roofers in Quebec.

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