Known and appreciated for its insulating properties, vermiculite is a natural mineral that is often used in the construction and rehabilitation of homes. A true natural insulator, it offers excellent sound and thermal protection to homes. In addition, lightweight, ecological and inexpensive, the material is very popular. Unfortunately, vermiculite is not without its flaws. In other words, it can sometimes cause significant ailments and some people wonder when the mineral is dangerous. The company, Isolabec Multi Concept, specialized in the decontamination of asbestos and vermiculite brings you answers to this concern.

Vermiculitis: what is it?

As explained above vermiculite is a natural product. Usually silver or gray-brown in color, the mineral comes in a flattened and bright form. Its composition varies according to the area in which it is found. Thus, it can contain oligominerals and certain contaminants such as asbestos in places. By heating the mineral to the nearest 1000 degrees, you can notice its swelling and sometimes, a burst. This heated form, is odorless, less heavy, well resistant to chemicals and fire. It is for this reason that vermiculite is used as an excellent insulation material in the construction of a house.

On the other hand, sometimes finding asbestos in the ore represents a potential health hazard. It is in this context that isolabec Multi Concept is committed to carrying out the total decontamination of your home by providing you with competent specialists.

Is vermiculite still dangerous?

Despite its many benefits, the mineral poses a health risk that must be addressed. No studies have shown that the asbestos-free product can cause consequences. However, since it is dust, you need to pay attention to long exposures. In Canada, asbestos-free vermiculite is considered an unregulated commodity.

However, if the mineral contains asbestos particles, these can pose a health risk if you inhale them. In reality, it was the Zonolite® insulation that was the most problematic. It is believed to contain vermiculite from a mine in the United States, which contains a natural stock of asbestos. Thus, the mineral from the Libby mine was contaminated and therefore potentially risky. Fortunately, the site has been closed since 1990.

Not all mines are at risk, but it is important to carry out tests if you intend to use the substance. As long as your insulation remains in an unoccupied space or is not in contact with the air, you do not risk anything.

Vermiculite containing asbestos: the different health risks


Breathing asbestos can be dangerous for your body. The risk is even higher when you suck up the asbestos fibers for a long time. Conditions such as asbestosis, mesothelioma or lung cancer are associated with asbestos contamination. Thus, you are more likely to catch diseases related to the substance if:

  • You are exposed to a high level of asbestos in the atmosphere;
  • You are exposed for a long time;
  • You are commonly exposed;

It is therefore necessary to be careful not to inhale this harmful product.

How to reduce the risks?

When you have used vermiculite as insulation in your home, you must take the necessary precautions: do not move it and do not remove it especially. This makes it possible to considerably reduce exposure to the asbestos contained therein. Indeed, it is by transporting it that the fibers are airborne. However, it is not always essential to get rid of the product when it ends up in your home or in your work environment. The criteria that should push you to remove it are among others:

  • The area where the microorganism is located;
  • The risk of asbestos being airborne.

Request the expertise of Isolabec Multi Concept

The best way to remove the asbestos contained in vermiculite is to use professionals. The latter are better trained and better equipped to assess the possibility of air infection in your home. After assessing the risks, these asbestos decontamination specialists know how to solve the problem.

Isolabec Multi Concept is the ideal company for this kind of work. We have teams capable of removing mold and vermiculite that defile your walls. In addition, we professionally carry out optimal thermal insulation for you using healthy materials. Trust us to find clean air in your home and workspace.

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