We are experts in roofing and roofing, in bardereaux, EPDM or gravel, in Montreal and Laval. We cover everything !


For optimal thermal insulation, allowing you to  save on your bills, call us!


Decontamination and removal of vermiculite, mold, or infections related to water or fire damage. We’re here.


We take care of the cleaning, decontamination and repair after disaster, from water damage to fire.

Roofing & Insulation Montreal


ICMulticoncept specializes in roofing in Montreal, decontamination and insulation, from the north shore to the south shore.

The expertise of our Roofing & Roofing team is large, varied and long. ICMulticoncept specializes in roofing: shingles roofing, EPDM roofing, gravel and asphalt roofing and other Roofing in TPO: we install, insulate and repair your old roof in Montreal, at low prices! Benefit from the excellence of our service and save in heating and electricity bills from the first months.

We also insulation your home in Montreal or Laval: Roofs, insulation, fireproofing, residential or commercial insulation according to your preferred insulation; Call us. We offer you a free estimate and a quick inventory. 

A problem of Asbestos Decontamination, Decontamination and removal of vermiculite or Decontamination or removal of mold in addition to your roofing or insulation to remake? No problem, we also take care of the removal of contaminated matter-vermiculite and mold on the South Shore of Montreal, or the North Shore of Montreal, as well as in the city of Laval.










More than 30 years of experience in the field of insulation, roofing and decontamination. Discover our team of experienced professionals in the installation of roofing, insulation materials, and decontamination in the Laval region, and Montreal.

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    A quality roof or roof, like a superior insulation, are investments that come back in your pocket at the end of the day.

    We know every detail, technical specification or main characteristics of the major causes of problems of roofing, infiltration, problems of insulation or fireproofing.
    We provide you with our expertise in the Montreal and Laval area.

    We are master roofers expert in the laying of asphalt shingles in Montreal and Laval, or membrane roofing, which is a type of laying with the same kind of benefits as asphalt and gravel roofing.
    The sealing, the general comfort of your insulation, and the quality of the installation are among our priorities.

    We establish diagnosis of problems, and solutions according to your budget, for your roof in Montreal or Laval, as well as the North Shore and the South Shore.

    We take the quickest and most efficient way to provide the best possible insulation for your property, enabling you to make big savings on all your electricity bills.
    We also work on soundproofing and fireproofing in Montreal, to offer you complete Montreal insulation, at a lower cost.

    Yes, we provide roofing services, decontamination of molds, vermiculite or asbestos, as well as insulation in the cities of Montreal and Laval. Our team is at your disposal all the week to meet you quickly, and propose you the best solution at the best price.

    WHO ARE WE ?

    Diploma in Aeronautics Structure for 10 years. Mechanic Glassware, ASP Construction, graduated in Estimation, in Loader project, in buildings, and Appraisers.

    Toiture Montréal
    Isolation montreal

    With expertise covering more than 30 years in the field of roofing, insulation and removal and decontamination in Montreal and Laval, the ICMulticoncept team is the most qualified to take charge of your renovation / repair project Roofing, decontamination of asbestos, vermiculites and mold, regardless of the context of your home or business premises in the Montreal, Laval or Longueuil area.

    Our team is a graduate in structure, aeronautics, construction, estimation, building inspector and evaluators. We offer you multiple expertise for the same price and during the same visit! Sanitize the comfort of your home, and save for the next winter on your heating bill.

    Prevention & Information

    A mine of information for the prevention of roofing problems, for optimizing your insulation or for disasters such as water damage, in Laval and in the Montreal area.

    Jun 2017
    8th Jun 2017

    Urethane and cellulose insulation

    isolation_combles_4 You decide on the level of comfort and profitability that you want to obtain from your thermal insulation, in your residence or house. Our expertise in urethane and cellulose at your service!

    8th Jun 2017

    Residential and Commercial Roofing

    ToitTPOMost residential and commercial roofs in the Montreal and Laval area need to be changed and inspected regularly. If you do not regularly check your roofing or roofing, you may be able to lengthen your bill.

    8th Jun 2017

    Flat roofs

    epdm_01Flat Roofs are more durable and more pleasant than roofs made of asphalt and gravel, sometimes less resistant and whose odor impedes all master roofers. Is the traditional bitumen-gravel disappearing in favor of other options that are more durable and equally simple to set up?

    8th Jun 2017


    If molds have developed inside the walls, either at the back of the gypsum board (gyproc), on the insulation or even on the wood of the structure, we proceed to the removal of the contaminated materials.



    8th Jun 2017

    Removal of the old cover

    enlevement-vieux-bardeau-01Your roof sinks or seems to be in poor condition and you need to quickly adjust or diagnose your problem. No worries call us because we are specialists in the removal of old cover, repair, inspection, maintenance, installation and installation of asphalt shingles on the south shore .


    We are proud to present our work in the areas of insulation, roofing and roofing, as well as decontamination, for individuals and businesses in the Laval and Montreal area.


    Jusqu’à 15% de rabais sur vos travaux de toiture, d’isolation et de décontamination ou d’enlèvement en réservant