Be prepared: now anticipate the formation of mold in your home, commercial or industrial facility by treating the most exposed surfaces. Being proactive will allow you to benefit from better air quality, avoid possible respiratory infections and save on mold removal work if areas are already contaminated. At Isolation et Couverture Multi-Concept, we offer you a 25-year warranty on our work in mold prevention. With guaranteed results, you ensure peace of mind for a long time!

The best way to control mold is to prevent it from forming. To achieve effective mold prevention, it is first necessary to understand how it develops.

Mold forms in a humid, warm and poorly ventilated environment. In a house for example, the sources of humidity are numerous: we can mention among others the bathroom with the shower, the kitchen with cooking, the washer, the dryer, the heat of a room that condenses or a roof that leaks. In addition, if you suffer water damage, which is also a source of moisture, it is important to clean and dry all areas, materials and objects in contact with water within 24 to 48 hours.

At all times, it is necessary to maintain a humidity level between 30 and 50%. You can measure this rate with a hygrometer, which you will find in all hardware stores, at prices ranging from $ 10 to $ 60, depending on the quality of device and measurement desired. In addition to limiting the development of mold, controlling humidity will allow you to save on heating and limit the proliferation of mites.

If some sources of moisture can be directly clogged, such as a leaking roof, others will require better ventilation (bathroom, kitchen …). Opening windows for example is a good action, it is important to do it regularly, but will not be enough in some cases, since the air current caused can bring moisture to other rooms. If you have a ventilation system, make sure it is properly adjusted and ensure that it is regularly maintained.

Despite all the precautions taken in your habits and lifestyles that will limit the risks, it is possible that a source of moisture, which would not have been detected, and poor ventilation allow the development of mold in your home. To avoid the inconvenience associated with the presence of fungi, we propose to act at all levels of your home or commercial installation, whether indoor or indoor.

On each level (basement, ground floor, floor, between roof and exterior), we carry out an initial inspection, high efficiency filter suction (HEPA) to remove dead materials and materials that retain moisture, the application of an antimicrobial treatment and an antifungal sealant as well as a post-application inspection.

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